Floating Meadows?

While Floating Forests is focused on canopy forming kelps – typically Giant Kelp, Bull Kelp, Sea Bamboo, and others these are not the only kelp. In New England, for example, kelps are only a few meters tall, and create vast meadows instead of ‘forests’. Take a look at this amazing video by Brian Skerry from Cashes Ledge featuring some great comments from our collaborator, Jon Witman.


3 responses to “Floating Meadows?”

  1. Art says :

    How healthy is this kelp shrib forest?


    • jebyrnes says :

      This one is quite healthy. It’s protected, and has done very well over the years. Definitely see what Jon has to say about it in the video!


  2. Art says :

    Thanks. I wonder if we’ll get a blog post about that artificial kelp reef that sometimes shows up and looks like a lot of green dots.


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