Mrs. Wilson’s 2nd Graders Talk Kelp – Floating Forests in the Classroom!

One of the things we love about Floating Forests is how simple it is, making it a great tool for classrooms. Just circle some kelp! And after only a few images, one begins to get a sense of some basic kelp biology – it’s close to the coast in shallow waters, we see less of it in the middle of winter, in some places we see less of it in later years than earlier.

This simplicity beguiles a wealth of concepts both simple and complex. One can use Floating Forests as a tool to teach basic environmental biology, population dynamics, or the ecology of climate change. Or one can use Floating Forests as a jumping off point for a classroom of kids interested in the ocean.

We’ve been lucky enough to start to interact with some great educators. We’re hoping to begin posting lesson plans for levels from elementary schools to college over at Zooteach. Here’s one of the first pieces to emerge from Fran Wilson’s wonderful 2nd grade class!


7 responses to “Mrs. Wilson’s 2nd Graders Talk Kelp – Floating Forests in the Classroom!”

  1. Els says :

    Wow ! Well Done Mrs Wilsons 2nd graders ! Loved it !


  2. says :

    The information and all the wonderful
    illustrations were amazing!


  3. Ray Barnes says :

    Awesome job from a wonderful group of kids!


  4. Albert J Burky says :

    I am a professional aquatic biologist and continue to be impressed with what you are doing with the students to get them engaged in SETM.
    I am a proud grandfather of one of your students. Albert J Burky, Ph.D.


  5. Ramona Andrews says :

    Great job!! Love hearing them read along with the drawings


  6. L. Livelybrooks says :

    I will share your lovely kelp plan with my upcoming Science Methods class at Pacific University in Eugene, Oregon. Great integrated unit. Rich!


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